Office 365 Roadmap – What Is Coming Next?

A businessman pressing a Roadmap button on a transparent screen.

Microsoft Office 365 is constantly changing! It is difficult to keep up with — even for consultants who follow the products daily, much less the average IT professional or user with many other things you are working and focusing on.

So how do you keep up? I recommend checking out the Office 365 roadmap Microsoft is publishing weekly.

The roadmap can be accessed at

The roadmap provides status updates and a listing of features that are currently under development, about to roll out or are in the process of rolling out, and those completed features who should now have. You can filter the roadmap by product and platform if you only care about certain products in the suite.

Keep in mind — those features rolling out may take awhile to get to you. Microsoft slowly rolls out each feature to a subset of customers, and then to certain regions / datacenters. Eventually the feature will reach you.