Affiliate Marketing Trends to Watch for in 2021

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One thing is certain — the industry is always changing! Techniques used in the past continue to evolve and change. Use these tips as you plan your strategies for the new year.

1) Take advantage of new channels

Email and ads are not the only way to drive traffic! Try some new approaches to include:

  1. Facebook Messenger (chat bots)
  2. Push Notifications to visitors
  3. Voice search — optimize your site for use with Siri and other voice activated searches

2) Facebook will remain a top source

With increasing abilities to target specifc niche audiences with Facebook ads, and generating more ad opportunities, Facebook will remain your #1 source for generating traffic.

3) Mobile-First Approach

Optimize your ads and sites for mobile. As of 2018, more than half of all traffic is generated from mobile devices. Use that to your advantage and optimize your user experience on sites and ads for mobile users.

4) Video

Users are seeking out video content! Plan your strategy now for integrating video into your site reviews and other content.